PVC Stone (PSD)

For many reasons Iranians have always used of resources of Iranian architecture stone in architecture and building components.
ANG company has created a new way in interior decoration using modern technology and applying original ideas of the experts, and in an artistic act by combining traditional and modern architecture, it has designed and produced a collection of the world’s most precious stones on a particular combination. This technology, which is considered in Iranian architecture industry, provides the possibility of very beautiful and eye-catching interior design and magnificent views of stones for different parts of the building but without causing damage, and also provides easy installation in the shortest time.

Fantastic graphics of designs
Resistant to fire and heat
No change of color
long life
With very high elegance
More than 200 design and color variation
Variations in the cutting dimensions
Easy installation
Interchangeable in the shortest time
Being economical the purchase costs, Installation and replacement than other products with similar performance
The best alternative to plastic coatings, ceramic and tile
Of the minimum destruction and damage during installation
Ability to provide custom design and flexibility
It can be installed in moist places with the guarantees of no moistening

Educational buildings such as schools, training centers, nursery schools …
Health and medical buildings such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies …
Commercial buildings: shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment centers ….
Sports venues: stadiums, sports halls ….
Offices: management office, conference room ….
Industrial centers: warehouses, factories hall …
Terminal: Airports, train stations, bus stations, docks ….
Residential buildings: hall, drawing room, kitchen, balcony, staircase
And any other beautiful places that your creative minds are looking for to strengthen and give it beauty. According to marketing experts the product will soon replace a lot of interior decoration.

Products color
We are pleased to announce this significant innovation with more than 200 different designs we have created the best and most memorable stone and sample fancy designs with the new style, durable and beautiful in accordance with all the tastes of modern methods of architecture in Iran.

The produced PSD sheets dimensions are 244 × 122 cm, 122 width and unlimited length.