MDF panels with HPL veneer


HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. This type of panels is stuck to the brain of MDF by glue under pressure. Matte and glossy panels of HP with a variety of different colors of more than 70 designs could find a special place with customers


One- edge and two-edge HPL panels have been produced with the thicknesses of 32, 48, 66 and the length of minimum 366 and maximum 410, and are ready to offer to our esteemed customers


  • Anti-scratch
  • Washable
  • Resistant to the sun’s rays
  • Easy and fast installation


Polywood panels


Wood-plastic composite, in brief, are made of materials such as fibers of natural wood, plastic and thermoplastics and of a special industrial flour


Interior decoration of residential buildings
(…, Interior decoration of public transport (trains, ships
Offices or banks and restaurants
(Marine and car industry (interior decorations and deck

100% waterproof
Fully insulated against any magnetic radiation and radio waves, sound, heat and cold
Antibacterial, resistant to penetration of any germs and bacteria
Lack of expansion and contraction in different climatic conditions
High strength, light weight and resistant to any type of impact
Non-combustible and fire resistant
Has a minimum shelf life of 30 years and guarantees of non deformation and resistance reduction
Washable with a variety of cleaners and detergents
Resistant to insects and mice influx
Resistant to any kind of acid and fat permeation
Fully recyclable and eco-friendly
High resistance to impact and to pressure of foreign bodies as well as non-cracking