Foam PVC

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is a very useful plastic that is currently considered one of the most valuable products of the petrochemical industry
In general, more than 50% of man-made PVC is used in construction, because PVC is cheap and it is used easily

In many areas in recent years, PVC is suitable replacement for the materials such as wood, concrete and clay in construction

Color ranking

Colored foam produced by this company is ready to provide to clients are more than 30 colors

The introduction of single-layer foams

The important thing in making these foams is using new formulations as well as high-density and its integrity in all parts of a foam page. By providing raw standard materials and new formulation and relying on experience and technical knowledge of its experts as well as applying Quality control tools In accordance with the customers orders and their needs, the company of ANG could produce high quality foams and launch them to be used in domestic and foreign markets

The introduction of Three-layer foams

Relying on the experience of producing single-layer foam research, the development unit of ANG company could have succeeded to produce three-layer foams formulations, and could produce high quality products and offer to customers. Now the company is capable of producing three-layer foam with different coatings and adhesive base for them consistent with the customer and their needs


Dimensions of the manufactured product is 244 × 122 and 280 × 122

Production of PVC foam and coated with more than a thousand different models in the following groups in the company compared to competitors demonstrate capability and high production capacity of the company

One-layer foam with EPL veneer
One-layer foam with HPL veneer
One-layer foam with high gloss veneer