Reasons for cabinet panel cracks

There are different technical reasons that cause the cabinet panel to crack and go out of its normal state. Some of the most common causes of cabinet cracks are as follows:
• The humidity level of the house :

- In some cases, it can be seen that the cabinet panel has started to bend or is faced with a change in shape, if the cabinet panel bends in the middle, it is a sign of extra weight on it. The cabinet plate has lost its shape.
- Sometimes it is clear that more items than the capacity of the kitchen cabinet have been placed on it.

• Heat and cold :
One of the things that can damage the cabinet panel is temperature changes and creating a lot of heat and cold on the cabinet panel, this is one of them. It is one of the most common causes of cracking of the cabinet panel. Because it is possible to place utensils and dishes with very high temperature, such as pots, directly on the cabinet surface. This will cause the expansion and contraction of this surface and in the long run it can cause damages.
• Structural damages of the cabinet plate :
This is the last and rarest reason for cracking the cabinet plate. In many regions of the country, earthquakes are one of the main causes of people's worries. If you live on a fault line or where you live in an earthquake-prone area, you should pay attention to these points. In these areas, you should arrange the kitchen tools in such a way that they do not fall on the cabinet surface in case of an earthquake. Falling heavy items on the cabinet surface can cause cracking and damage to this surface.

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