What is high glass?

Today, cabinets are produced and prepared in many different designs and colors. One of the latest designs that is used for modern homes is the high-glass cabinet
Glass cabinets are durable cabinets that are produced from MDF boards and covered with plastic and shiny. And its glass is the only difference with the MDF cabinet. These covers are the main and outstanding part of this category of cabinets, which makes their model special and numerous and causes their unique beautiful appearance. . This cover is made of a thin layer of polyglass. Polyglass is a type of plastic whose appearance is extremely shiny and glass-like, and its material is lighter than glass but more durable
. Among the types of glass kitchen cabinets, there are high-gloss matte cabinets, glossy high-glass cabinets, or He named the high glass cabinet with a garland and pattern or simple.
There are various and important reasons for choosing this category of cabinets, including :
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Advantages of high glass cabinets
The weight of this material is lighter compared to glass, but its stability and endurance are greater.
Cabinets made of high glass have a shiny and beautiful appearance and make the kitchen look incredibly stylish. The most important topic in designing interior decoration is the light of the space. High-gloss cabinets have a glass-like and shiny surface and are considered as a source of lighting in the kitchen. The surface of this cabinet reflects the light and makes the kitchen space brighter.
The price of this cabinet model is economical and you can buy it with confidence.
The appearance of these models is simple and this simplicity has become a symbol of modern decoration. These cabinets are simple but made in many colors, and you can easily order them with your favorite decoration.
The smooth and shiny surface of these cabinets makes it easy to clean them and it can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Other cabinets are lighter in weight and easier to carry. The lifespan of high glass cabinets is long.
Disadvantages of high glass cabinets
[tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”700″ text_color=”custom” custom_text_color=”#000000″ text=” The surface of this cabinet is smooth and uniform, and its resistance against scratches is low. Therefore, attention should be paid to preserving it.
Its inner layer is made of raw MDF, which works poorly against water and humidity.
The lips of this The cabinet is sharp.

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